Room 1 - 4: Economy class rooms.


Room 5: A stilt house with one bedroom built off  the ground for extra privacy.  Enjoy the views of the garden and relax on spacious balcony.


Room 6  – 7: A house with two bedrooms. Adjoining bedrooms with a resting place and a spacious bathroom.


Room 8 – 9: A stilt house with two bedrooms and separate bathrooms. Relax on spacious balcony.


Room 12: A tree house with one bedroom. A  winding staircase leads to a balcony. Enjoy great views of tree tops and surrounding mountains.


Room 14 – 15: A house with two bedrooms built in Thai style featuring steep gable roof and mango tree posts. An example of traditional Thai architecture.


Room 16: Octagon-shaped house. Enjoy the space in this particular  room. The shape of the house promotes good luck and a long life.


Room 17 – 18: A house with two bedrooms. Enjoy wooden interior, views and peace and quiet.



Room 19: A triple room house with two bathrooms. A house that was built to show the culture of a Thai family. Relax and enjoy peace and quiet on the balcony.